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The Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy Laboratory, the core imaging facility of the University of Oklahoma houses the most sophisticated collection of electron and confocal microscopes in the State, with a combined capitalized value of nearly $4.5 million. Use of the facility is primarily for university instruction and research at all levels of sophistication, but clients from other universities, foundations and industry are welcome to use this equipment, as well, and such work may be done on an invoice or contract basis. The facility is run as a principally a user facility, encouraging clients to participate in preparing and observing their materials. Use of the major instruments requires monetary recharge that partially reimburses our maintenance and operations costs. Usage may be arranged with the staff or Director.

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Archive for AME 4143/5143 students

 Introduction to Electron Microscopy and Specimen Preparation - Dr. Russell
 Practical Nanocomposite Ultrastructure and Characteristics - Dr. Larson

These PowerPoint talks are principally for use by AME 4143/5143 students.

Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope
As part of an outreach effort that includes the annual Uglybug Contest, the EML now hosts a Hitachi TM3000 SEM. By using innovative technical solutions, this SEM is truly a portable microscope that demands little of the preparation of our higher resolution microscopes ....more
New High Resolution SEM
The Zeiss NEON FEG-SEM dual beam high resolution SEM is now fully operational in GLCH rm 18. This microscope is equipped with EBSD, energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy and secondary ion beam (FIB). The microscope, with a value of >$1.2M, is able to image interrelationships of molecules and conduct nano-scale microchemistry, as well as hi-res e-beam lithography. This was funded by an NSF Physical Sciences-MRI grant awarded in 2010 ....more
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Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy Laboratory
George Lynn Cross Hall
770 Van Vleet Oval
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73019-4110
Phone 1-405-325-4391