OUtreach Tours

The Samuel Roberts Noble Electron Microscopy Lab offers customized tours to meet the needs of a wide variety of visitors from on and off campus. We routinely conduct tours for courses on campus, job candidates, prospective researchers and workshops. We have also conducted field-trip tours from schools around the state at every level from first grade through high school AP biology, as well as from other institutions of higher learning in Oklahoma.

Tours are of variable lengths, coverage and depth and tailored to the audience. The briefest are ~10 minute walk-though tours, which are easy for us to organize without much prior notice, time permitting. Operational tours where visitors can look at a specimen and see equipment in full operation require at least 30 minutes. A one-hour class tour can briefly cover light, scanning, and electron microscopy; this can easily be expanded to provide more content.

SRNEML tours can easily be coordinated with visits to other campus attractions, such as the library, botany greenhouses, Stevenson DNA facilties, and the main campus in general for a half-day field trip.* A half-day tour can easily be expanded to a full-day tour if combined with a visit to the Sam Noble Natural History Museum. A school visit to a science lab and the Norman campus can make a very memorable tour! We have presentations for visitors at all levels.

Scheduling tours is easy. Contact us by phone (405) 325-4391 during regular business hours (any SRNEML staff member can take your call), or contact us by email. We have posted online our contact information and maps to the facility. University vehicles posted with college or university labels on their doors can park in faculty/staff parking areas without a permit; others needing visitor permits for the visit should contact us for information. Think about what you would like to see and how long you would like the tour to last before you call. We will make every effort to fit you into our schedule, as time permits.

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*Space is available for lunch as well in empty classrooms and on the adjacent green space on the oval.