Zeiss NEON High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope

The NEON 40 EsB combines the imaging and analytical capabilities of a high resolution FE-SEM, using the proven GEMINI lens design, with an advanced Canion FIB column. In addition, this CrossBeam system has a multi-channel gas injection system (GIS) for deposition of metal and insulating layers, and can also perform enhanced and selective etching. The EsB (integrated energy and angle selective BSE) detector of the NEON 40 provides advanced compositional information and ultra-high BSE imaging at very short working distances. Other features include a 6-axes fully eucentric motorized stage, IR CCD camera for sample viewing, 100mm airlock, and integrated CrossBeam/SmartSEM GUI based on Windows XP.

ZEISS NEON High Resolution SEM Characteristics

  • Dual beam SEM/FIB
  • Accelerating voltage: 0.1-30 kV
  • Electron source: Schottky emitter (Gemini lens SEM column)
  • 2-30 kV Ga liquid metal ion source (Canion FIB column)
  • Magnification: X 20 to X 900,000
  • 1.1 nm resolution
  • The Oxford EBSD (energy and angle selective BSE) detector can provide compositional and orientation information
  • Multi-channel gas injection system for deposition of metal and insulating layers as well as enhanced and selective etching
  • INCA Energy 250 Energy Dispersive X-ray Microanalysis system with Analytical Drift Detector

This microscope is the most capable of the SEMs that we own. It is useful for many specialized purposes, including being able to section materials in realtime, deposit materials, erode materials, conduct electron tomographic reconstructions, as well as high resolution scanning electron microscopy.


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